Mr. Evans’ magical ice pipes

I said a little while back that I’d share more about the ice pipes that were erected on Christmas Day. So, the story behind the pipes: one of the guys in the class was the incomparable Julian Evans,  a composer from Plymouth in the UK. As part of his personal experience project Jules wanted to erect ice pipes during our time in Antarctica, so that he could record the various sounds as the wind interacted with them.

The poignant part of this story is that Jules’ granddad was Lieutenant ‘Teddy’ Evans, second in command to Scott on the 1910-1913 expedition, and the naval captain of the Terra Nova. Naturally Julian grew up hearing the stories of his grandfather’s exploits and had dreamed of one day being able to visit the Ice himself. As part of the centenary celebrations for Scott’s expedition, Julian was invited to create a sound installation of the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge, UK… which is where the ice pipes come in. Julian tells me that this is just a precursor – ideally he would love to get back to Antarctica and do something on a bigger scale.

I think you’ll agree that the pipes are very photogenic. I took scores of photos of them, especially whenever the light and mood changed. These are a few of my favourites…

Pretty sweet huh? If you want to know more, you can listen to Julian’s interview on Radiolive here.

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